The First US – ASEAN naval drill 2019

First time in history, the United States and ten Southeast countries will join maritime drills on disputed south China sea from Monday. The first US – ASEAN maritime drill will last for five days, starting at Sattahip naval base in Thailand on 2nd September and ending in Singapore. All 10 members of Association of Southeast Asian Nations will take part in this exercise.


The first ASEAN – US Maritime Exercise (AMUX) offers Unites States to equalize against china and to resolve the dispute between China and Southeast nations.

The first US-ASEAN maritime drill

China claims that 80% of South China is a part of their own territory. Whereas, the major world forums denies. There are five more countries except China, who asserts their stake at South China Sea. ASEAN countries tend to be deeply reluctant to challenge China’s growing military and economic powers in their region. To support ASEAN countries, the US decided to conduct a drill exercise with ASEAN members at the disputed site.

The First US - ASEAN maritime drill

US navy would include eight warships, four aircraft, more than 1,000 American military personnel in this drill. The Military hardware included a P-8 Poseidon plane, a littoral combat ship, three MH-60 helicopters and a guided-missile destroyer.

Co-led by the US and Royal Thai navies, the exercises will stretch into “international waters in Southeast Asia, including the Gulf of Thailand and South China Sea” before concluding in Singapore, according to a statement from the US embassy in Bangkok.

The active participation of US in South China Sea dispute will help to calm the southeast tensions.

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