How to install WordPress?

This tutorial article shed lights on how to install WordPress for your new website. To install WordPress, you are not require to have all the technical knowledge of coding. WordPress organisation has makes it easier for everyone to install WordPress application easily. Let’s get started with the process.

Installation procedure of WordPress

Installation of WordPress is the easy as ABC. Once you bought hosting from a hosting provider, just check the email you received from the hosting provider on your registered email address.

Steps to be followed :

Step 1 – log-in to your C-panel. Once you are inside the C-panel, find the application bar or Softaculous App Installer. Click on the WordPress if you can see WordPress app icon in that bar or click on Softaculous App Installer and search for WordPress. And, then hit install.

Step 2 – Once you have done that you will be asked to do some settings for the installation process begins. You need to choose the protocol of your website (http://, https://, http://www and https://www). You can choose any one of them but http:// is preferred. And once you have SSL Certificates installed on your domain, it will be converted to https:// automatically.

Step 3 – On the next option, choose the Domain on which you want to install the WordPress on. If you have only one domain then it will automatically get selected.

Step 4 – You can leave the Site Settings as default because you can change them later on as well.

Step 5 – Here the important part comes; you need to choose Admin Username and Password. It should be something which is not easy to guess for other people.

Step 6 – Select the email account which you want to register with your WordPress and enter it in the Admin Email box.

Step 7 – Choose the language you want and leave all the options as they are. Then, click on the Install again.

Once you’ve followed the above steps correctly, you’ll get the Site URL as well as Administrative URL.

You can check your website by clicking the site url and can have access to admin area by clicking on administrative url right away. It will automatically log you in your WordPress dashboard.

Great Job !!! WordPress is now installed, you are making progress.

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