Android Q is Android 10

Officials confirms that Android Q is Android 10

Android operating system is most using platform among smartphones. Google has millions of active android users around the globe. Google is constantly improving with every update. Google has launched several android software updates in alphabetical dessert series like Orio and Pie. Now the company confirms that Android Q is Android 10.

Android Q is Android 10-theinfotram

Google posted an article on the blog announcing that Google will launch the next android version as Android 10. Google says that the company will not use the alphabetical dessert name series anymore as it’s not easy for their user to understand and relate. Company claims, as the global operating system, it’s important these names are clear and relatable for all the users.

Android Q is Android 10-theinfotram

New look of android bot

Google has also made a change in the android logo. Now, the bot has fancy look with a change in font color. Because it was hard to read the text in green color. This seems pretty eye catching than the previous one.

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